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Hi, Welcome to Classic

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Est 1964 to Present

This is a family business, not only in who has run it but to the employees who work here staying 30 years or more, staying for the great atmosphere and great team that works together to better the business. Spanning 4 generations in print, we have advanced experience in all avenues of print old and new. We have up to the minute knowledge of all printing areas and if we don't offer something in printing we know and regularly work with specialty companies that can help you fulfill whatever your printing needs.

There's No Business Like Family

Since 1964, this small printing company has grown and adapted over the years to meet today's needs. We have experts in production, design, marketing, public relations and have worked with many charity organisations and private companies like ASRC(Asylum Seekers Resource Centre), CBM(Christian Blind Mission),  Leprosy Mission, Deafness Foundation, Safe Steps, MMM and MST to name a few. As a family business, we like to take extra time to give greater care for our clients, that's what families do.

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